When God Feels A Million Miles Away

When God Feels A Million Miles Away
November 18, 2018 Comments Off on When God Feels A Million Miles Away Grace ccmadmin

by: Cris Corzine-McCloskey

Do you ever feel God is a million miles away? I am in one of those seasons. It started a couple of months ago. At first, I was distracted during morning quiet time. I started rushing through prayer, spending little time in the Word, but a lot of time on Facebook. Then my evening routine began to suffer. Books that would typically help me experience the presence of God have not been as engaging. I even feel distracted at church. It’s like I have rebellious squirrels in my brain.

I hate these seasons. As a former drug addict who spent the bulk of her life chasing feelings, not “feeling” the presence of God freaks me out. But this is something every believer experiences. In the past, my normal “go to” in times like these has been to engage in religious rituals. That way I would think I was doing my part to keep God and I’s relationship on track. But I have learned a few things since then.

One thing I’ve learned is I can’t escape the presence of an Omnipresent God. Jeremiah 23:23-24 says, “Can a man hide himself in hiding places so I do not see him?” declares the LORD “Do I not fill the heavens and the earth? Am I a God who is near, and not a God far off?” And in Psalm 139 David declares there is no place we can go to flee God’s presence. And those are Old Covenant promises.

As New Covenant believers we have the Spirit of God in us and around us. No matter how far off God “feels,” He lives inside us. I may not always “feel” the presence of my spleen, but I trust it is there. Same with the Holy Spirit. He moved inside us, so He was able to promise He will never, ever, leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). Do you hear that, believer? God himself, your Creator, has made a promise that He will never, ever leave you. He cannot lie. He is faithful, He is with us, and He will not let us go (John 10:28).

This relationship between Him and us has always been and still is, His idea. He started it! It says in the first chapter of Ephesians He was dreaming of us before the beginning of time. He knew us. He had plans for us to be adopted as His children. He took great pleasure in dreaming up how He would redeem us through Christ’s blood. That is the same Christ who calls Himself our “Good Shepherd” and promised He would chase down any of His sheep that wandered off the path (Luke 15:4).

Where does all of this leave us when we are feeling lost and alone? Right smack dab in the middle of His presence, His will, and His promises. Philippians 1:6 says we are to be confident because He “who began a good work in you will bring it to completion.”

Knowing all of this, I am choosing to resist the panic, and rest in His promises. I know the squirrels are not permanent. God has not left me, and I will be okay. So will you. Remember, saving us was His idea, and He’s good at being God. Keep on keeping on, and remember, we walk by faith and not by sight…or feelings!

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