by:  Cris Corzine-McCloskey

On January 2, 2018, Caring Counseling Ministries began operating at our new location at 11264 Route 37 in Marion. On May 20, 2019, we opened our 2nd facility on that property. The Caring Counseling Ministries Annex Building.

Before our move to Route 37, we had been operating out of a building generously lent to us by 2nd Baptist Church. It worked, but we couldn’t grow. For years we dreamed of having our own place. At board meetings, we would pray about expanding, but then look at our budget and wonder how God could make our dream a reality. What I didn’t know then was we were following God’s dreams, He wasn’t following ours.

Each day I drive past an old 2 story house I had considered as a location for our agency. It was affordable. It was also a rundown, termite infested, dilapidated shell of a place. All it had going for it was the price and potential of some good parking. I remember the look on my office manager’s face as I walked her through. She was ready to have me committed. I also remember the despair I felt as I considered the size of our dreams versus the size of our budget. I thought a ran down old dump was the best we could afford.

The Bible says God can do exceedingly and abundantly more than we ever dared dream, hope, or ask for. We were blown away when we were able to move to the building on Rt. 37. Not only was it beautiful, but it had two huge garages. One of which has now been converted into our new Annex building. In that building we have more therapists and the space for recovery meetings, Bible studies, and groups.

This has reminded me to stop putting limits on God. All those years we had been praying for expansion, God already had the location picked out, and He was getting it ready. When we thought our prayers were hitting a wall, He was moving mountains right up the road to prepare our future.

Prayer is like a seed you plant. You never know how long it will take, but eventually, God brings in the harvest. CCM is now in the harvest season. However, we could never have made it to this point had it not been for the vision and prayers of my predecessor, Kent Mattox. He was faithful to what God gave him to do, and Kent had the vision to see what it could be in the future. As we step into this new season of growth, I am even more aware that it’s as much his dream that is being realized as it is ours. It’s also the prayers of years of board members who invested in our mission.

God also blessed us with a fantastic contractor, Darren Vaughn, who believed in us enough to donate much of his time and talent to make our annex happen. His brother, Dennis Vaughn, and teammate Dane Vanscooten, and painter, Dennis Anderson were all on board helping. Jason Henson donated some of our materials, and the end result was beyond what anyone expected. It is truly a miracle, and I can’t thank these guys enough.

So now, when I drive by that old run down house that’s still for sale (no surprise there) I am reminded of the power of God. So how about you, are you waiting for God to fulfill a dream you have about given up on? Don’t settle for a dilapidated old shack when your Father in Heaven may have something way better. If you don’t believe it can happen for you, take a tour of our place, it will help get your hopes up sky high!



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