Here we are, back to work after Labor Day.  I always feel odd after a Holiday […]
As I come to the end of my COVID isolation, I am itching to rejoin society.  […]
After countless exposures, COVID finally got me.  My symptoms started Saturday.  I wanted to start praying […]
I have some bad driving habits.  According to my husband, my worst is my habit of […]
Nathan and I have been dreaming about retiring someday, so I went to a financial planner. […]
The Marion Square is under construction!  Buildings are being renovated, and it looks like a bomb […]
Thank you, Marion, for a wonderful 4th of July celebration!  We had a great time at […]
I am on a quest to understand who I am.  No, I haven’t started a genealogy […]
I’ve been binge-listening to a Podcast from WBGL called The Unfolding.  It is a collection of […]
I have declared war on the words “not enough.”  When we combine those words, they create […]