This year was a Valentine’s Day to remember.  I slipped on the ice, fell, and instantly […]
There’s a part of me that still gets weird when I think I’ve disappointed someone I […]
Sometimes, when I’m all alone, I crank up my favorite worship tunes and dance like nobody’s […]
I recently got blindsided when something I’d been praying about didn’t turn out how I wanted.  […]
We McCloskey’s have welcomed a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner into our home.  What a life-changing jewel […]
I’m State certified to spot crazy. I gotta say, I think our Country needs a time […]
My staff and I just received our COVID vaccine.  We wanted to make the community safer […]
Sayonara 2020!   Does anyone else feel we should be given a T-shirt that reads, “I Survived […]
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I hope everyone’s Christmas wishes have come true with the […]
Due to the tragic demise of my laptop, I’ve already gotten one of my Christmas gifts.   […]