I have had a busy few weeks. Weeks that have made me feel out of touch […]
I have been thinking about stinking thinking. I was looking at 2 Corinthians 10:5, which says, […]
I have raised the white flag on my saintly efforts to pray away my unhealthy food […]
I was recently feeling out of sorts and distant from God. It got so bad I […]
I’m mourning my weekend binge eating. Frankly, I’m mad at myself and a little mad at […]
I am on the final day of a 40-day fast. I’ve been fasting from processed foods, […]
As Believers, we are supposed to be people of great hope. The kind of hope that […]
Happy New Year! I thought I would share the biggest revelation I feel I’ve gained in […]
Everyone talks about love and giving at Christmas time, making this a magical time of year. […]
Last week I had an unexpected turn of events that made my world go from worry […]