Yesterday, I was in my recliner, surrounded by dogs, and writing in my prayer journal. My […]
I am starting to see how the “I want, I need” mindset has affected my relationship […]
This week is my 18th sober-versary and my Jesus’ birthday. We’ve all got our stories, so […]
One of my closest friends is struggling, and she asked me some tough questions in her […]
It’s been a time of growing and stretching for myself and Caring Counseling Ministries (CCM). Typically, […]
I’ve recently learned a big foundational truth from Dr. Baxter Kruger. He said that inside each […]
I’ve devised a slogan that sums up how I want to live my Christian life. Here […]
I have had a busy few weeks. Weeks that have made me feel out of touch […]
I have been thinking about stinking thinking. I was looking at 2 Corinthians 10:5, which says, […]
I have raised the white flag on my saintly efforts to pray away my unhealthy food […]