Caring Counseling Ministries (CCM) has been experiencing a season of blessings and provision from the Father.  […]
We are counting down the days until Easter.  Thankfully, this Easter is better than the last, […]
Glory halleluiah, it’s Springtime! My flower beds are showing signs of life, and the clocks have […]
Here I am at week three of the broken leg fiasco, and I’m waiting to feel […]
After a little over 2 weeks of resting my broken bones, I’m going back to work.  […]
This year was a Valentine’s Day to remember.  I slipped on the ice, fell, and instantly […]
There’s a part of me that still gets weird when I think I’ve disappointed someone I […]
Sometimes, when I’m all alone, I crank up my favorite worship tunes and dance like nobody’s […]
I recently got blindsided when something I’d been praying about didn’t turn out how I wanted.  […]
We McCloskey’s have welcomed a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner into our home.  What a life-changing jewel […]