Here I am at week three of the broken leg fiasco, and I’m waiting to feel like myself again. Who knew a simple thing like a broken bone could take so much out of you? I’ve got a newfound appreciation for people who have long-term chronic health conditions. I now see the heroism that goes into keeping a smile on your face when your body feels like a misbehaving boat anchor.

Truthfully, I’m struggling to be patient with myself and God during my recovery. I want Him to zap vigor into me. This has caused me to look up scriptures about God giving strength to the weak. During my search, I came across a jewel found in Isaiah 40, from The Passion Translation, “He will care for you as a shepherd tends His flock, gathering the weak lambs and taking them in His arms. He carries them close to His heart.” Carried close to Jesus’ heart. What a beautiful place to be.

My oldest dog, Pabu, is a natural-born pack leader. She is smart, sassy, and generally too busy bossing her pack to be cuddled. Plus, she’s is too proud to let the other dogs think she’s vulnerable. Recently, she’s been having health problems. My normally tough old girl now allows me to gather her up close to my heart and snuggle her. I treasure these moments. I wonder if that’s how Jesus feels when we allow Him to coddle and carry us?

I have three dogs, and I love them all the same, but there is a special tenderness coming out of me right now towards Pabu. I know she needs me, and I relish being able to comfort and care for her. And as wonderful as I think she is, she’s still a dog. We are God’s children.

I read a story once by Brennan Manning where he told of meeting a man who had enough kids to rival the Duggar family. Brennan asked the man about his ability to love so many children equally. The man said he didn’t love them the same. He said he currently loved Suzy the most because she had a cold. The week before, he loved Johnny best because Johnny was struggling in school. The old man told Brennan he loved all his children equally, but those who needed him most at any given time got to experience his love differently.

What do we do when God won’t fix us or change our situation as quickly as we want? How should we feel when the One who says He loves us best doesn’t seem to move? We trust His timing, relax, and lean into Jesus.

Remember, when you are weak, He will gather you close to His heart if you allow it. From that position, if you listen closely, you can hear His heartbeat. And the view looks different from up there because you are a little closer to heaven. So, be patient little flock. It’s your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. He won’t fail you. Till then, relax and enjoy being coddled and carried by Jesus.




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