Caring Counseling Ministries (CCM) has been experiencing a season of blessings and provision from the Father.  The latest wow occurred when Little Tractor owner, Justin Ferrell, heard CCM needed a lawnmower.   He donated a brand new zero-turn Bad Boy mower to our agency in an unprecedented act of generosity!

We also learned we were a finalist for the 2020 Reader’s Choice Award from the Southern for Best Mental Health Provider!  We would like to personally thank Justin Ferrell, Little Tractor, and all the readers who voted for us for Best Mental Health Provider.  Without the support of our community, I don’t know where we would be.

But I sure know where we were last year at this time.  We were flat broke, closed for COVID, and worried we would not be able to reopen.  Frankly, we were concerned if we did figure out how to reopen safely, we wouldn’t be able to make payroll.  Times were about as grim as they had ever been for CCM.  Those were dark days, indeed.

Last week, while listening to my favorite Easter jams, a couple of lines from Rattle by Elevation Worship freshly hit me, “Saturday was silent, surely it was through.  But since when has impossible ever stopped You?  Friday’s disappointment is Sunday’s empty tomb.  Since when has impossible ever stopped You?”

Friday’s disappointment is Sunday’s empty tomb.  I think many of us know that feeling.  The disaster hits, the bottom falls out, yet somehow, miraculously, God turns it into something amazing.  We love that stuff.  But in between the disappointments on Fridays and the resurrection and redemption of Sundays, there are Saturdays.  Saturdays are the places where things seem hopeless, and we don’t see how God can redeem our pain.

For the disciples, the Saturday after Jesus was crucified was excruciating.  Fear and shame had gotten the best of them, and they were in hiding, huddled together in terror.  But it didn’t have to be that way.  Jesus had told them repeatedly throughout His ministry how He would die and rise again.  Evidently, they hadn’t believed Him.  I do the same thing.  We all do.

Any Believer who has walked with the Lord any amount of time knows He has a 100% track record of not failing us.  But He also has a nearly 100% record of not doing things the way we expected Him to.  If we get stuck on the why’s and how’s, we lose the journey’s joy.

I don’t know what Friday disappointment you are struggling with right now.  Life has a way of dishing those out like an automatic ball launcher.  We don’t get a pass on those.  We can control how we spend our Saturday while we wait for Him to redeem the hurt.  We can hold on to the pain and sit in a huddle feeling terrorized, or we can believe His promises and trust He will get us through.

Here’s a guarantee you can always grab ahold of Romans 8:28, “We are confident that God is able to orchestrate everything to work toward something good and beautiful when we love Him and accept His invitation to live according to His plan (The Voice).”  Grab ahold of that and enjoy your Saturday.  Sunday is coming, and impossible has never stopped our unstoppable God.







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