I’m State certified to spot crazy. I gotta say, I think our Country needs a time out in the psych ward! But just because our Country needs to be in therapy, is that any reason for us Believers to start wanting Jesus to pull us out of here?

Jesus modeled real love in action. He lived during a time of political oppression and horrific suffering. Still, He never held up a protest sign and certainly never rioted (and no, throwing merchandisers out of the Temple is not the same as storming the Capitol). He was unmoved by the political agendas. He came to usher in a Kingdom of love. I don’t think His plan has changed. I believe ours has.

Somehow, in our Western version of Christianity, we have taken a faith that is supposed to be about love for Jesus and people and turned it into a self-serving gospel. Many of us feel Jesus offered Himself as an alternative to Hell instead of an entry point to a life filled with selflessness and love. Love doesn’t want to run away when things get difficult. It rolls up its sleeves and says, “not my will, Father, but your will be done.” That’s the life Jesus modeled.

I get frustrated by the “Jesus, rapture me now” mindset because it ignores the reality that we have already been rescued. We were rescued the moment we said yes to Jesus. That’s what it means to be saved. In fact, the Greek word for salvation is sozo, and it basically means we are forgiven, healed, made whole, and saved/protected from the kingdom of darkness.

If we are saved and protected from the kingdom of darkness, what is everyone so afraid of? The winds may blow, and the storms may come, but if you’ve built your house on the solid Rock, it will not fall. You can trust Him to take care of you while you get out there and take care of the things He loves, namely the people who are desperate to see real love in action.

Before Jesus came in the flesh, Israel was anxiously awaiting their Messiah. They believed the coming Messiah would be a great military leader who would rescue them from their Gentile oppressors. As much as they thought they knew God, they couldn’t conceive of Him loving their enemies. Sound familiar?

The Jewish people wanted a Messiah to rescue them from the very people God wanted to save. Back then, it was Jews vs. Gentiles. Nowadays, it’s Republicans vs. Democrats, conservative vs. liberal, or however else we spot who our “enemies” are. But they aren’t our enemies. They are God’s lost sons and daughters.

So next time you are scared, hunkered down in front of the news, and muttering about how Jesus needs to “come back soon,” please remember, you don’t need to be rescued! You already have been. That’s what being saved is all about. Now, turn off the TV and invite all your liberal neighbors over for dinner.



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